Friday, April 30, 2010

Join me tonight


I will be leading the Relay for Life walkers tonight in Henry County at Woodland High. They are having me drive the Motorcycle around the track for the first lap. Such a great honor! See you there

We will have photos up tomorrow for the event.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

bike night last night

you guys missed a great night . i got to do a interview with rachel bolan  from skid row . wow what a night rachel can drive the hell out of a gocart to .

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Daytona Ruled!

Made it there and on the Limpnickie Lot with no issues. Big thanks to Chris Callen for allowing me to have a spot under his rig. Thanks to everyone that came by and listened to my story

Monday, April 26, 2010

About me and my mission

A little about me and my shop and mission. I started riding motorcycles when I was six yrs old , my dad got me a 1978 honda z50 witch I still have and ride around when my son is riding  . I got my first Harley  when I was 21 first street bike when I was 18  so my whole life has been on two wheels . I started working for Seago bothers choppers when I figured out that I couldn't afford to become a Harley mechanic . They gave me a chance to learn as I worked for them . I started wrenching then progressed in to fabrication making frames mostly  this was during the hay day of TV chopper shows . I worked with them for five yrs then a year or two filling in at other shops welding and helping out . I then started my own shop at my house a few years ago. Everything has progressed since then I just started building me a new bigger shop to keep up with demand .  
  Now to  my mission, while I was working with Seago Brothers, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 .  A week after we got back form the 2005 Smoke Out she passed away from metastasized  breast cancer complications . She fought the disease for two yrs and lost over a doctors mistake  I watched my mother fight a fight no body needs to fight . I lost the only mother I had  . She never got any help from organization that everybody donates too  . My goal is to bring a new generation to help the fight . I want to raise money to give right were the money is needed . Straight to the women that need help that nobody thinks about . What about their bills for their mammograms? I want to get straight to where they need help no matter  what that  is I want to be the one to help along with my bike building family.

The bike that I built for breast cancer I plan to ride to Sturgis in 2011 from Atlanta . I have  started letting women survivors of cancer  sign the motorcycles primary belt  so they can be with me on my ride  in spirit . The chopper  is a rigid frame shovelhead chopper  that has a seventy's flair, its not going to be easy by any means with a two and a half gallon tank. My goal is to raise fifty thousand dollars in a yr and a half,  I will give all donation info on my blog so when every one that donates knows where there money has gone unlike most charity foundations . I will post a receipt for every dollar that goes out I hope I can get everyone's support in this mission and continue this for years to come .