Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Donated helmet for sale

Big thanks to Dave for pinning the helmet for us. It is a  Fulmer helmet that was donated by their sales rep, Mike, during the bike show at Stone Mountain Harley Davidson. If you are interested in this great helmet , please contact me.

We would like to thank everyone for your ongoing support.

Monday, November 29, 2010

love girls from the south

you know your girl is red . when you win the limpnickie award and she does a pirouette on stage .i love these guys from s&s . seth your the man and jess get it girl got to love girls from the south..... o yea look at larrys face wtf

Monday, November 22, 2010

easyrider atlanta .

Had a great weekend at the show. It was nice to see all my out of town friends.Business was great all day. we were swamped on the lot so that really made me feel good about what we are doing .I want to apologize to all my friends from the home town that I didn't really get to hang out with all of y'all. Thanks to everyone for coming through.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Come and meet me at the Easyriders Tour in Atlanta GA

Be sure to stop by the booth, grab a Builders Manual and talk to some really nice guys that are bringing the Next Generation to your home town!

I will have the Cathy's Help bike on display, so please donate if you are able to.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

second grade inspiration

It amazes me where we get our inspiration in life  and how things come about .Today at my oldest sons veterans day program the kids made a great point at the end ... Its not the governor that gave us freedom. For sure its not the politicians that did it for us . It is for sure not the president that did it for us .All of life is dictated by dick heads wearing suits and talking a lot of none relative bull shit for a fat pay check.All of this country's VETERANS are the men and women that give us our freedom . They are the ones that die for us to have what we have today . So soon every one forgets these guys every time you crank you bike we should says thanks to a solider for giving us this right . Next time you see your local politician tell him to kiss your ass . The next time you meet a vet shake his hand and tell him thank you for all he has done for you .

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanks where thanks is due

I want to take a few minutes of your time all of the people that fallow my blog to give thanks to the people  that really believed in me and helped me get to and where I'm going in this business . It was a complete honor and a once in  alive time chance to be brought into the limp nickie lot. Having been in the bike business for several years, never really had the opportunity to go to another level . Chris Callen and Tabor Nash  saw something in me for some reason a couple years ago at the  skate park in daytona . I was just bored and wanted to work so that's what i did .  i went down to the limp nickie lot and started hanging out picking up trash helping move stuff around set up for the show just odds and ends  what ever i could do. The day that i had to leave they asked me to be a member of the lot  so here we are today . My business grows every day thanks to Tabor and Chris .I want to continue to grow with the limp nickie lot into what it will become over time . I will continue to do all i can do tho help you guys when ever i can or how ever you need me . Chris and Tabor you are brothers to me in what time i have known you have become family thanks for everything  you have done

Monday, November 8, 2010

Cathy"s Help Bike Show

Want to give a big thanks for everyone that came out to the show on Saturday . Even with the bitter temps we still had a great show.Things will only grow from here . We raise over three hundred dollars for Cathy's Help and gained alot of new friends.Also need to give thanks to Stone Mountain Harley Davidson  for letting us host the show .They have asked us to host their biggest show of the year next year, which they had over 90 bike in their show last year. So lets hope that all goes well with us hosting that show for them. Thanks again from all of us at Muttin Cycles and Cathy's Help you guys are the best

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Cuz I felt like it donation

Had another donation come in tonight from a really sweet family and friends of mine, the Harps. Jessica Harp is a very talented artist in what she does. She makes some of the most unique stuffed animals you will ever find. She travels around in the motorcycle show seen around Atlanta selling the one of a kind fluffy friends. She donated one of these pink wall hangers to sale at the show to raise money for Cathy's Help.Thanks again from our family at Cathy's Help. You can pick up one of these fuzzy friends at      http://www.etsy.com/shop/cuzifeltlikeit

Guilty Customs donation

Need to give a great thanks to Cj from Guilty Customs.We received a package in the mail from him that included several shirts and a battery box to sell at the show on Saturday to raise money for Cathy's Help. What a great family we have in the Limpnickie Lot .

Come out and support Cathy’s Help on November 6th!

12th Anniversary Party

Join us for the 12th Anniversary Party at Stone Mountain Harley Davidson! Vendors, food, LIVE music from Moby Dick(sponsored by LawBike), Bike Show, Santa Claus & more!!! All proceeds from the bike show will benefit Cathy's Help.

This is absolutely amazing to us that Stone Mountain Harley Davidson has stepped up to work with Cathy’s Help. We need your bikes and also need volunteers for the day. If you are interested, please call me @770-918-1561 Thanks!

If you can’t make the event, please remember that you can donate here.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Thank you Licks Cycles

licks  cycle 002

Big props need to go out to Licks Cycles! Since coming home from Daytona, we are in the process of getting the motorcycle back to tip top shape. One of the biggest issues to deal with was the headlight so we reached out to our friends at Licks for help. Todd and AJ are spot on guys that work their butts off for their company. They have sent in this  beautiful headlight for the bike as a donation.

  licks  cycle 001

To get help, just by cross promoting is huge.  We are forever grateful.

If you are looking for quality motorcycle parts with great customer service, please check them out!

Up next the seat!

Just A Update

I spoke to Jeremy this am and he wants you to know that right now, all  of the donations have been deposited in the Cathy’s Help bank account. We are in the process of creating a  Going for the Goal for the side panel so you can watch Cathy’s Help progress.

Jeremy appreciates your kind words and support.