Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Thanks where thanks is due

I want to take a few minutes of your time all of the people that fallow my blog to give thanks to the people  that really believed in me and helped me get to and where I'm going in this business . It was a complete honor and a once in  alive time chance to be brought into the limp nickie lot. Having been in the bike business for several years, never really had the opportunity to go to another level . Chris Callen and Tabor Nash  saw something in me for some reason a couple years ago at the  skate park in daytona . I was just bored and wanted to work so that's what i did .  i went down to the limp nickie lot and started hanging out picking up trash helping move stuff around set up for the show just odds and ends  what ever i could do. The day that i had to leave they asked me to be a member of the lot  so here we are today . My business grows every day thanks to Tabor and Chris .I want to continue to grow with the limp nickie lot into what it will become over time . I will continue to do all i can do tho help you guys when ever i can or how ever you need me . Chris and Tabor you are brothers to me in what time i have known you have become family thanks for everything  you have done

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