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Cathy Johnson is the inspiration behind Jeremy's motorcycle and foundation. Cathy is Jeremy Johnson’s mother. She lost the fight with breast cancer in 2005. Jeremy has worked hard to find a way to help woman that are fighting breast cancer. Throughout 2010-2011 Jeremy will collect donations for his donation ride to Sturgis 2011. All the donations made to this fund will be given to individual women that are fighting breast cancer, with or without insurance

About me and my mission

A little about me and my shop and mission. I started riding motorcycles when I was six yrs old , my dad got me a 1978 honda z50 witch I still have and ride around when my son is riding  . I got my first Harley  when I was 21 first street bike when I was 18  so my whole life has been on two wheels . I started working for Seago bothers choppers when I figured out that I couldn't afford to become a Harley mechanic . They gave me a chance to learn as I worked for them . I started wrenching then progressed in to fabrication making frames mostly  this was during the hay day of TV chopper shows . I worked with them for five yrs then a year or two filling in at other shops welding and helping out . I then started my own shop at my house a few years ago. Everything has progressed since then I just started building me a new bigger shop to keep up with demand .  
  Now to  my mission, while I was working with Seago Brothers, my mother was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2003 .  A week after we got back form the 2005 Smoke Out she passed away from metastasized  breast cancer complications . She fought the disease for two yrs and lost over a doctors mistake  I watched my mother fight a fight no body needs to fight . I lost the only mother I had  . She never got any help from organization that everybody donates too  . My goal is to bring a new generation to help the fight . I want to raise money to give right were the money is needed . Straight to the women that need help that nobody thinks about . What about their bills for their mammograms? I want to get straight to where they need help no matter  what that  is I want to be the one to help along with my bike building family.
The bike that I built for breast cancer I plan to ride to Sturgis in 2011 from Atlanta . I have  started letting women survivors of cancer  sign the motorcycles primary belt  so they can be with me on my ride  in spirit . The chopper  is a rigid frame shovelhead chopper  that has a seventy's flair, its not going to be easy by any means with a two and a half gallon tank. My goal is to raise fifty thousand dollars in a yr and a half,  I will give all donation info on my blog so when every one that donates knows where there money has gone unlike most charity foundations . I will post a receipt for every dollar that goes out I hope I can get everyone's support in this mission and continue this for years to come .

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