Monday, May 2, 2011

dixie roundup

Ok so  a little about the trip. the picture at the the end will sum it all up for you that didn't make it out .We wound up leaving Atlanta with over twenty bikes . It was a 180 mile trip for most of us so should have been easy . But we had a few problems . It was a thing of beauty to see nothing but headlights behind you for half a mile . The list of things that slowed the party down broke throttle cable ,one lost tag and tail light on I20 if you find it return it to me ill get it to the owner . one carb adjustment one triumph lost oil pressure one broke ground wire .one xs650 burned to the ground . Drank one half gallon of sailor jerry  one punch to the face not me . one chick trowing up on the street . white boy in a chair being carried . doing some kind of haint's ritual to heavy metal and two kegs of Pabst gone in a hour once we got to the bar .Wow what a day .