Monday, February 28, 2011

Fulmer Helmets is a proud sponsor for Cathy's Help


We are proud to announce that Fulmer Helmets is now sponsoring Cathy’s Help. We received a donated helmet from our sales rep Mike a few months back and had it painted. That generous gift brought in $300.00 to the foundation.

There has been a huge request for us to do it again and Fulmer is on board. We will be receiving some new lids soon and are lining up some talented painters to help us create some one off helmets for you to choose from. All sales from the helmets will go straight to the cause.

Remember that Fulmer helmets are DOT approved!

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

BMR 2010

Cathys help

I have taken a few days to collect my thoughts on this weekends show. So i figured its time to let them out for everyone to read .  I first and foremost have to thank my wife and soul mate for supporting me and keeping us strong in this cause we have started. I have truly learned that i have a tremendous family of support and people to keep me moving .With out the help of all the people at the show I would loose this drive .Lisa Ballard,  Mail man , Nathan, Brian Jackson ,Brian Whitcomb, Eric tereny , Jeremy Harp, Jessica Harp,Baily Harp, Iris Harp, Libby , Chewy , Tom Elder , Hairbrain, Seth and Jessica Sudderth, Jacob, Baby james , and all the other family we gain this weekend . You guys give me the lift i need everyday to move forward with this movement and cause . Every day we grow stronger and stronger . The show had a tremendous turn out and was great for the foundation and spreading the word on what we as a family are doing . I sit with goose bumbs pouring my soul and thinking out to the world . The thought of us doing something greater than we are scares me and excites me all the same . The image of tattooed and not so clean bikers doing a greater cause than fixing a bike or scaring people on the road thrills me to my toes and light my eyes . I had a dear friend come and see me Saturday and we  had a conversation she said , ( Your mom was just like my mom i miss her every day . I feel like she raised me all the same as you and your sister. I am so proud of you and your mom has to be so proud of you . I'm sure she smiles on you everyday .) As tears  flow from my eyes its hard to gain composer to continue this post . My mother had a smile that was unforgetable and laugh that was contagous . I was not a perfect child and caused a lot of grief for my family . I think back to all the pain i caused and hell i raised . Gaining nothing in the end of all the crap i caused and loosing  my mother without knowing she was proud of me hurts everyday .  Thinking that i have made my mother happy and proud of me sends me to my knees crying and asking for one more day, one more laugh, one more smile id trade it all just for one . To all the people who see me . I am not strong, i am not stable With all of your  lift i gain and the spirit i recieve continues to make me stronger . . I can't continue as the tears wont stop. Thank you my Cathy's Help family

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Tonight on Garage 71

Our good friend Jeff Cochran will be stopping by the radio show tonight. Listen to it live here. Thanks for supporting Garage 71!

Monday, February 14, 2011

Here we show again. This weekend

Cathys Help is hosting the bike show this weekend at Granite Mountain Harley. If you got a bike some show it and hang out with us.There will be plenty for everybody to do. Long as we keep doing a good show they will let us host there shows we need to make a good impression . Then we can party.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Cathy's Help vice president

Due to countless efforts and dependability, my wife and I discussed the addition of a very important person to our foundation , Lisa Ballard is now the vice president of Cathy's Help. Lisa has went above and beyond what would be asked of a friend or family member. She has logged countless hours of work trying to spread the word on what we are doing with this foundation and has never asked for anything . We are only able to do so much ourselves. Meeting Mrs Ballard in 2010 on the Limpnickie Lot she told me that she wanted to help me with what ever we were doing with the Breast Cancer bike I built. Little did I know that she would take the reins and run anything that was needed. She has the ability to reach out and talk to people that I myself would never have the chance or the skill to do so. Lisa has made a tremendous impact on our lives personally and a great addition to Cathy's Help. My wife and I want to thank Mrs Ballard for all of her help and passion she has devoted .

one of my new builds (phat bottom girl) will post my truimph build next

super narrow

a big bottom stance

57 bottom shovel top
This is a new build for my wife.I am transforming a previous build from several years ago. Soon as i get pictures from the last photo shoot of the bike i will post them.I'm going to fallow in the great Arlen ness and rebuild the same bike . You don't have to build a new bike every year just rebuild the one you have .

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Monday, February 7, 2011

Thank you Wesley!


Jeremy had the opportunity to sit down with Wesley Ashley from the Carolina Rider and explain his goals for Cathy’s Help. We would like to thank Wesley for giving us some of his valuable time and the much needed exposure. You can read the whole story here!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

knoxville easyrider show

I want to give a big thanks to everyone coming out on a messy day to see us at the limpnickie lot . I have to give a big thanks to Chip and Melissa sigers for coming and running the both.Its really nice to have family that comes and helps. Melissa really went over the top with Cathy's Help she really put forth alot of effort to make thing happen for the foundation.John Green from easyriders did a fabulous job accommodating us with our needs Saturday. the crowd was really great we had a steady flow of people all day long.At one point it was shoulder to shoulder . The bike that where in the show where incredible . Thanks again to everyone coming out to see the show .

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Stop by


We are located in the Limpnickie Lot booth at the Knoxville Convention Center. Would love to meet you and talk about the bike and our cause!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

This weekend

Be sure to stop by the Limpnickie Lot booth and check out the bikes that have been on the Easyriders tour! They are awesome.

I will have the bike back together tonight and will be bringing it there for the crowd to get to learn about Cathy’s Help, see you there!