Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Vegas bikefest

So its taken me a little while to get to creating a post for Vegas. But I'm just now getting my head right from what all went on that week. As you can see from the Rally Tv videos there was a lot to do out there. So we went to Hoover damn , then Artistry and Iron show,  the Limpnickie Lot. I got married hit the strip a few times lost like eleven dollars gambling. Big spender I must say. The Hogs and Heifiers bar was out of control all week. I have to thank Lisa Ballard, Chris Callen, Sara Liberte , Rally Tv and all the Limpnickie crew for supporting me.  It was a huge honor to to be in Vegas with everyone. I can't wait till next year.God only knows what's next for us.

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